EPO 5.3 Detecting EICAR with a Stinger Auto Response

Step-by-step instructions for detecting EICAR


While attending a class taught by Jay Appell, I discussed an idea with him that he included in his How to Guide 009 РEICAR with Stinger Auto Response.pdf.

The guide has step-by-step instructions with pictures on how to:

  • Install the latest version of Stinger Scanner into ePO 5.3.1
  • Create a query to determine systems with EICAR
  • Setup the necessary Client deployment task to deploy Stinger only to infected system with EICAR.
  • Create a Server task to tie the query results to an client task deployment.
  • Setup the Automatic Response to include aggregation of events and email response to recipients,
  • Infect client with test virus EICAR
  • Deliver and show Automatic email response.

See Jay Appell’s full post here on the McAfee Support Community forum.